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Hilltown Global Partners is dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their sales and profits. Our primary focus is Business Coaching, Internet Marketing, and introducing your products to Global Markets.
Whether you are just starting a new business, need help taking your business to the next level or just want to vett a new business idea, Hilltown Global Partners could be the difference in your business success.
We work with entrepreneurs, small businesses, manufacturers, and service providers to identify, create, or act upon opportunities for their business growth.
We take existing products & services creating new ideas, branding, and markets for them.


Business Support Services

New Market Entry & Product Branding
Business Intelligence & Strategic Research
Ecommerce, Distribution & Fulfillment
Sales & Customer Service Training
International Business Expansion
Website Development & Internet Markering
Telemarketing & Social Media
Business Process Improvement & Software Solutions
Staff Mentoring & Conflict Resolution


Hilltown Global can assist you with several unique services to discover and expand business opportunities and new markets’ potential.
We want you to be successful. We provide guidance and knowledge. We help you avoid bad business decisions.
And, when things get hectic or out-of-control we are there to help resolve your issues.
Strength. Trust. Loyalty. You can depend on.

Vett Your IDEAS. Will it be Successful?

Every entrepreneur has ideas. Not all of them will be successful. Before investing money foolishly we help determine
the pros and cons.

Competitive Insight. Competitors & Customers

Learn about your competitors. What customers really need. Examine your customer service. Develop strategy to make your company the industry leader.

What are your Information Flows and Processes?

Streamline your business efficiency. Discover disjointed information flows. Develop procedure manual to empower company quality and growth.

Got Teamwork or Conflict?
Create the Winning Culture

Is everyone on the same page? Learn how to function better as a winning team. Develop steps to ensure positive and constructive employee engagement.

Launch New Product or Service Division

You have a great idea for a new product or service but no time to do it. Let’s us help you develop, organize, implement, and manage to get it off the ground.

Need a Mentor?
Everyone Needs Coaching

Go outside your comfort zone. Get personal attention from someone who knows your business inside and out. Develop self-confidence and Winning Attitude.

Website Development & Internet Marketing

Most business website do not operate properly. Old programming code. Not mobile responsive. No security protection. Poor search engine ranking.

Conflict Resolution:
We Resolve Headaches

It’s impossible to make everyone happy. Don’t avoid conflict! Neutral intervention can sort out issues. Solve problems. Create a better working environment.


Tonight you will go to sleep, knowing you can dream and make them real.

Lee Iacocca once said “In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless you’ve got a good team, you can’t do much with the other two.”

If you are a small business or entrepreneur wanting to Grow, Expand and Prosper, let’s talk. Working Together, we can help kick-start your operations and sales. Helping you to create a good business foundation.

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Hilltown Global Partners is dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their sales and profits.

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